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Back To The Books

I have been making some new books in between all this printmaking. I had been meaning to get booky for a while but got caught up in the print stuff. I aim to combine the two a bit more and produce a limited edition unique book, but for now, I am happy to be folding, cutting, sewing, gluing and pressing again.

I actually made a batch of eight books for this, two of each, but with different colour combinations except for the black one.

The type was printed onto the cover paper before being glued to the bookboards. This allows for a better impression and more solid colour, especially on the more textured papers like the yellow ribbed stock below. The type is, of course, 48pt Gill Sans.

The rest were printed on a linen embossed ‘buckram’ style cover paper kindly donated by a local commercial bookbindery.

I did re-ink for a short run of blue prints too, this time in Thorowgood Italic…

The black one was the hardest to photograph, but I think you get the idea of the black on black print in two weights of Rockwell:

And a combination of Univers Bold Condensed and my unidentified woodtype:

These are much less solid because they were printed using the nipping press rather than on the Adana, but I rather like the texture of the paper coming through. I may explore this further at some point…

Each of the books measures a compact 107 x 76mm and are handily sized to slip comfortably in a pocket or handbag. Blank inside with 80 pages of good quality white cartidge paper,  these will soon be on sale in my (soon to be) revamped shop, hopefully in time for Christmas…


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