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And Carry On

The impulse to print came upon me this week. I decided to have a dig around my metal type to see what I hadn’t used before and see if anything presented itself.  There is nothing quite like a bit of Gill Sans to get the creative juices going is there?

Taking my theme directly from the recent poster trend featuring the WW2 slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ I set up an alternative using 48pt Gill Sans for the main line and followed this with a 12pt Gill Italic in a very light grey.

And once printed on the Adana 5×3, hung overnight to dry…

A closer inspection showed that I had got a good ‘bite’ and that the small text held up good and sharp.

Using the smaller Adana HS1 I set up a little crown block that I’ve used a couple of times before. Using a ‘straight-from-the-tin magenta, each card received its crown to complete the postcards.

The cards had already been printed with the postcard block some time ago (I need to print some more now in case the mood takes me again!) and some were heavily impressed like the one shown above, but I think that adds to the overall quality. This image shows that I need to make some adjustments to the tympan as I am not getting an even impression across the whole card – the centre is less imprinted than the edges.

Oh well, keep calm and carry on as they say!


3 thoughts on “And Carry On

  1. Cheers Trevor, I like how these turned out – so did everyone else too – I only have a couple left! I’ll probably do some more at some point.

    I intend to do some more light coloured/heavy pressed prints soon – I have just bought some transparent additives for my inks recently and want to experiment with colurse and tones on paper too.

    As ever, watch this space, but make yourself a cup of tea first!

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