Back To The Future

Whilst looking through a box of bits and pieces of paper, card, scraps and experiments I found three cloth-covered book covers that I made for a project about six months ago. I had not measured accurately and had made this a little too small for the books they were made for, so I put them aside and made new ones. I had forgotten about these!

So more book blocks were made, this time to fit the covers, and now three new books exist!

This is one of a set of two that belong together. The cover was printed in white using a mix of wood and metal blocks from my collection and the endpapers are recycled from an old school crafts magazine:

The second book used the same technique on the cover but uses part of a poster of the planets for the endpapers:

The print on the covers is quite light as the cloth was already on the boards – I have printed on the cloth first and got a more solid finish – but I like the texture of the material here:

The past and present books were made as gifts for a colleague on retirement, and she was very pleased with them!

The third book I decided to make for me as I was about to finish up my current one and fancied something a little larger.

The endpapers are some antique music sheets I picked up from a charity shop last year.

Most pages have pencilled notations which were left in.

This is already half full! I guess I’ll make some new ones then.


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