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It Moves!

After 48 hours and a couple of cans of penetrating oil I tried to turn the wheel on top of the press. I managed to get a very loud squeak and I thought that I discerned a faint tremor of movement. A block of wood and a mallet help to acheive a little actual movement – about 5mm!

I had placed this little offcut of wood on the bed as a marker to check on (the original photo is not clear)  and it was about 5mm too high to get under. There is just enough space now. I wasn’t terribly happy with the sound that I heard as it moved, so I went back to the wheel on the top. If that will come off, I can get more oil to soak inside.

The nut gave way after a sharp tug:

I gave everything a good scrub and cleanup…

And laid the wheel down for a clean too…

but, on the underside, the source of the squeak revealed itself when a chunk of the metal casing simply dropped off.

I’m not sure whether this is a major problem – time will tell. I am a little alarmed I must say, but not put off; just a minor setback, but I am hoping that I break nothing else.

Today’s lesson: don’t hit stuff to get it moving. Lesson learned.


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