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After yesterdays little  blunder, I attempted to free the forme that was still screwed into the upper platen. This too was no simple job as the screws that held it in were too far gone to unscrew – they were starting to bend! Some penetrating oil and a long screwdriver did the trick though – I gently pried out one of the retaining blocks and out it dropped. The image above is exactly how it was when I pulled out the lower bed – I ran indoors to get my camera and shot this even before I turned it over!

And there it is; the last job this press was used for. Not interesting in itself, but exciting because of the date and the fact that it was still there – although the passage of time and the effect of the elements had taken its toll…

The upper platen once the forme had been removed looked to be in decent condition to – this is just surface rust. (and cobwebs)

The lower bed slides out on tracks and is very heavy in itself, but is carefully scored along the centre:

I now need to get the lower bed freed up for vertical movement – this is a bit of an issue as I don’t have the lever (I am looking for an enormous wrench as a temporary substitute) and the slots in which the bed moves are very stuck as they have been quite exposed to the elements.

I couldn’t resist giving the old forme a quick scrub too, getting rid of the muck and cobwebs and getting a better look at it out in the sunshine:

Then I couldn’t resist taking a quick pull on the nipping press!

This is a beautiful bold Clarendon and when printed on a more appropriate press will be as sharp and crisp as the last print over 20 years ago!

Hmmm. I wonder if any of my old digital design stored on those old 3¼ inch floppy discs will function as well as this did?


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