On Being A Blockhead

I’ve had a bit of a splurge on eBay recently and bought a few old print blocks. I have been printing the second colour on this years christmas cards and decided to run a few test prints on the nipping press whilst I had some ink out.

This first block measures 103mm (4 inches) by 42mm (1 5/8 inches) and has some highly visible machining in the spaces.

My print quality has not does the type any favours here. This is because I am using the wrong press, with a little too much ink and too much pressure.

The next block is the same size width but a little shorter in height.

Again, my print quality is very cack-handed here, but i was eager to try these out. I will print more on the Adana soon and compare the results.

I really lost the inline detail on this one, but did manage a promising print towards the end…

This block is tiny – just 50 x 12 mm

I was much more careful with this one and got a comparatively decent print:

The last block was a devil of a bargain!

Again I have not managed to capture the details on the nipping press, but I confess to liking this little fellow, who is just 51 x 35mm (2 x 3/8 inches.)

I hope to get some more of these run off using a more appropriate press soon and will post more images.


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