Reading List

Reading List

The Trial by Franz Kafka
(I bought this 1968 copy because it was published in the my year of birth and it has a wonderful woodcut illustration by Lotte Prechner)

The Chrysalids by John Wyndham
Still Life by A.S. Byatt
William Shakespeare by Bill Bryson

and I have also reviewed Photography by John Ingledew
to inform the 2nd Edition for Laurence King Publishers


4 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. Mmm, it’s great isn’t it? I am quite taken with these old books – they make for a much more fulfilling experience when they have character and style. I bought this for a couple of quid from eBay – you can get anything like it from the high street!

  2. Hi James, yes I have – I think that I’ve read all his books, and if you like ‘Small Island’ you should also read ‘Lost Continent’ and ‘Down Under’ too. Althougyh I think my favourite has to be ‘A Walk in the Woods…’

    Keep on readin’ on!

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