Sewing Over Cords #2

I was going to post up the results of the etchings I printed recently, but decided to put that off until later as I had made some improvements to my sewing techniques following the last attempt at sewing over cords.

I did much better this time, getting a tighter, more consistent loop around each cord. I used some black nylon woven cord this time, partly to make the binding more visible, but also to allow for the attaching of some weightier boards for the covers…

I was using up some paper stock leftovers and had enough mixed sheets to make two books at 90 x 102mm. The second book uses  very hairy hemp twine, doubled over.

Again, I intend to make some fairly hefty covers for this one, and hope to be able to fray the ends of the twine to good effect.

I’ll post more on the covers another time, and I promise to show the etchings soon!


2 thoughts on “Sewing Over Cords #2

  1. I love how you’re documenting the process; the good, bad and indifferent with the experimentation and exploration of materials and technique. Looking forward to seeing the outcome!

  2. Thanks Bruce. I have just finished making some covers but didn’t photograph all of the the process – I was covered in paint! I did get the odd shot in though but haven’t looked to see if they are ok. If these go well, I’ll do something on decorative coverboards soon.

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