Top Dollar

This little fellow has been sitting on a shelf just above my computer screen for the last week or so. It was made by one of my first year students following a holiday to New York. I am usually a pretty straightforward guy as a lecturer – what you see is what you get – but I do insist that any student who takes a holiday during term time must bring me back a souvenir. All I ask for is something touristy or tacky, and as cheap as possible. I have convinced myself (and everyone else) that I prefer only well-considered merchandise but I think I like really cheap and tacky. ANYWAY! I digress (it’s easily done) but this student did fulfill his guilty obligations and brought me back a tiny little Empire State Building for my collection (maybe a feature in the future perhaps?) I also asked if he could bring me back a crisp new dollar bill as I have some idea about a bookbinding project involving banknotes, but it hasn’t quite taken any form yet. And so he did. But on the flight back he got a bit bored.

I haven’t the heart to unfold it – it will forever remain in this form. Thankyou Lewiss, this really something.


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