Asemic Aspirations

I’ve been quietly beavering away (yes, beavering!) at my asemic writing these last few weeks. Just a little here and there between other things, or whenever the mood has taken me.

I have been using a number of the dip pens I bought recently and have been practicing my ‘script’ in preparation for a much larger scale piece I am planning for next year. I especially like the fine nibbed mapping pen and creating tiny figures:

I like the feel of this sort of ‘penmanship’ -and when I’m sat beneath my old anglepoise (another project waiting to happen) with all the pens, ink, papers, testers and wipes, I feel far removed from the CTRL+Z environment I spend most of my time in, and like to think of those scribes who laboured through their lives using such tools.

I am making simple compositions on small, pre-creased sheets of thin watercolour paper I had left over in an old book. and eventually will bind them in some way, but I don’t really have much in the way of planning or overall idea of how these will end up.

I am enjoying the setting up, the continual prepping of the pens, as well as doing just a little each time, setting aside a batch to dry overnight. It is a good thing to see in the morning…


3 thoughts on “Asemic Aspirations

  1. Amazing, I think I may invest in some dip pens for myself – you know I love this kind of stuff. Makes me think of my research for FMP!

    1. James, you know what? – I thought about getting some dip pens for ages and decided against buying new ones (they are quite cheap) but held out for a bargain on eBay. I think that these pens have history has influenced how I have approached using them. I didn’t expect to enjoy using them quite as much as I do…

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