Half Day Closing

I’ve had a few boxes of those old plastic pegboard letters sitting around for a while awaiting  gainful employment (and while I found a suitable board to peg them onto!) and decided to make use of some of them in other ways.

I have three boxes – big letters, small letters and numbers – these are all pre-decimal too and complete with pounds, shillings and pence (D) symbols! They are all in their original boxes too and will feature on my other blog soon…

I first made two casebound landscape format books 170 x 100 mm with dark blue buckram cloth over the boards and then set to work with the letters:

First I needed to remove the pegs that secure them to the pegboard. I simply sliced them off with a sharp blade. It pained me a little to permanently disfigure them, but I have got quite a a lot of these and do intend to use the rest on pegboard at some point!

A little measuring and planning first and then, after indenting the covers with a punch to mimic the pegboard holes the letters were stuck on.

The endpapers are a bright yellow fluted stock and add further texture…

I had a very stylish paper bag handy from a recent trip to a King’s Lynn nostalgia emporium and thought that it suited the look and feel of these two.


2 thoughts on “Half Day Closing

  1. Classy. Makes me think of two things.
    1) of 1940’s film titles. Noir ones.
    2) people are making prints with lego which made my brain fizz with posibilites!

    Like the yellow fluted stock too.
    You should have an exhibition of these books.
    Many themes come to mind.

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