Little Fat Book

Although I still have three other books to finish off, I sat and sewed a little fat book the other day. Not sure why, as I have been sketching out ideas for the others recently, but the mood took me to do something a little different from my regular format.

This is a thirteen section book measuring just 70 x 80mm and is 21mm thick! My usual format is either seven or nine sections and 140 x 85mm and about 10mm thick so this is quite a difference for me.

Because of the width of the spine I will need to’ round’ it and create a hollow so that the book will open when it is attached to it’s cover boards.

The extra width also shows off the sewing, especially the kettle stitch, which I’ve always thought of as being rather ugly.

I use a rotatrim guillotine to cut my sections to size and always test the quanitity of sheets I can cut to the point that it begins to tear. I like this effect; it allows me to cut the pages quite accurately whilst retaining a handmade feel. It also masks any minor inaccuracies too – with perfectly cut edges every tiny deviation can be seen. I have adopted this ‘tear cutting’ as my ‘house style.’

As I said at the start, this is a little book, and although I have stated the measurements, it’s always good to see the scale…

I have a few ideas where this may go, and of course, they will all end up here.


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