The New Post-Literate

I have just been featured on THE NEW POST-LITERATE, a gallery of asemic writing by Michael Jacobson. I am quite excited about this as this site was one of the first places I found that helped me make sense of my secret obsession and recognise it as a legitimate form. Especially one that was being explored by others.

Go there now, and see some stuff of mine I haven’t posted here. Whilst you’re there, have a really good poke around – there are some excellent asemic writers and artists out there, like Dakota Crane,  Tony BurhouseGeorge McKim and Cecil Touchon.


4 thoughts on “The New Post-Literate

  1. Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. I guess this is becoming automatic – I have been doing this for years and have also been developing a font which is currently on temporary hold due to over-frustration with it! You can see all my asemic posts here…

    I have some plans to push my asemic writing a little further with some large scale pieces as well as some ceramic work – keep checking back!

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