Mo Money Blues

I successfully bought these coins on eBay recently. I’m really no numismatist, and just can’t get seem to excited about the new £5 coin, but I did get rather excited about these.

All I know about them is from their eBay description – “4x coins of Sultans of Kashmir Ibrahim shah Muhammad shah” and are probably from between 1450-1550. The split image above shows front and backs and is quite large to show the detail and patina.

Of course, I bought them because I was immediately attracted by the asemic quality of the markings, and I have already begun to draw them and incorporate these marks into other elements of my work.

I also bought this other coin in another sale (I went a little coin mad!) which dates from around 985-1014AD.  It is called a  ‘Rajaraja Cholas  – AE MASSA MN’ and there is some information about the coin here and information about the Cholas here if you are interested.

I just love the markings. I find that their intricacy and unfamiliarity is creatively inspiring; their forms being extrinsic from their original meanings. They are remarkably well-preserved and bear the erosion of hundreds of years of human handling very well.

All of these coins are tiny, none more than 20mm in diameter and all made of copper. I have not decided what I will do with these, but for now I will just keep them around and allow them to inspire and infiltrate other things…

I also bought this 1925 2 Annas coin. I’m not sure why, but something about it made me go back a couple of times.

Of course, I like the indian writing and the unusual shape, but I also like how the word ‘India’ had been fitted into the bottom corner…

This 2 Rupee coin was given to me recently by a friend on his return from India. It has none of the mystique and romance of the older coins, but looks a lot older that the one above!

Ok. I was on a spree. I also bought these 1973 Chinese rice tokens. Mrs. Lestaret has since revoked my eBay privileges!

There are 25 mint condition notes – apparently these are smallest currency/notes to be circulated. I don’t know much about these either, but have found a little information here.

Again, these are tiny – just 72mm and the detailing is superb:


2 thoughts on “Mo Money Blues

  1. I just happened across your blog. And I love it.
    Thanks for sharing all of it. if you have a moment will you please email me? i have a question for you regarding your feather in 2009.


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