Seedy Business


I have had this dried seed head sitting in the garage since last year (another one of my printmaking to-do projects) and rediscovered it the other day whilst looking for something else. I had originally thought about making collograph prints from it, and set about making a plate. First I flattened it in the nipping press, which removed most of the seeds and leaving lots of little stalks. This was then glued and varnished to seal it. I forgot to photograph the plate before it got inky, but here’s what it looks like now:

In the end, I decided to make a sort of collograph/relief print as I am not really set up for collograph prints. So I hand inked the plate, and wiped off the excess, and printed on damp paper as you would with collograph printing. I did 10 prints in total, but four are really good:

And I had tested my press for collograph pressure by blind embossing, which is just printing without the ink I suppose…

There are no photos of the process as I was pretty grubby wiping the inky plate and just concentrated on the job in hand, but I have since taken a few nice close ups…


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