Best Foot Forward

I’ve been toying around with the idea of a big lino cut print for some time. A while ago I posted a teaser about a big circus poster I was going to do in three colours, but have since decided to screen print due to its complexity. That will be another post! So I decided to pursue another idea, one that I had been fooling around with in my sketchbooks for a while – an idea without an execution…

I wanted to create a swirly, slightly over-elaborated design, along the lines of Neil Young’s Harvest album, but maybe not quite so old-school:

I began by sketching out a few parts of a line that I adapted from a quote by Zuzana Licko; “You read best what you read most” – apart from being a truism in its original form, I believe that the same philosophy can be more liberally applied.

I fiddled around for some time, before accepting a composition. I still was not 100% sold on the details but was prepared to commit to this as a framework to progress from:

Now I have decided to skip the refinement drawings and revisions for the sake of the final impact of the reveal! Needless to say, I revised, redrew and adjusted the drawing before transferring it to the lino. I also made some minor changes as I carbon papered the image, and have not been entirely true to all the lines in the cutting:

More to follow…


2 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward

  1. Have you ever worked with Lino replacement materials, such as speedy-carve? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks

    1. Hello Hetty, no I haven’t ever tried lino alternatives, but I guess there are some good effects to be had – each medium will generally yield its own unique results. How about you – is speedy-carve something you use?

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