Best Foot Forward #2

I promised that more would  follow. So here it is.

After carving the smaller details, the more open parts were quickly removed with broader gouges. Rather than spend a lot of time cleaning up the block, I decided to do a quick test print to check out the result. I was not altogether certain that I had made a consistent job in the curves and on the serifs, and thought it best to have a look, and make any adjustments before going into proper production.


I made the sample prints in the nipping press by inking up parts of the block and making a few pulls on different areas. I will be printing this on a much larger press eventually, but mine will do for proofing.

I was not concerned about the quality of the prints here, but just wanted to get a good look at the edges…

I’m generally pleased with this, but there are a number a small things, like uncomfortable serifs, and a few stray cuts as I have slipped. Oops.

Overall, I am rather pleased with the results, but now need to smooth out some of the larger blank areas and trim the blocks down to size – there are two blocks in total and I am hoping for a reasonable tight register between the colours. Ah. Colours. Not thought that far ahead. Will do a little planning before I get to the print stage…


3 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward #2

  1. Hi Chris!
    Personally, I think it’s looking good so far. The “uncomfortable serifs” and “stray cuts” add that human touch.
    Can’t wait to see it progress!

  2. I like an uncomfortable serif, call me jaded.
    I’ve been reading a book about grinding your own paints, I think local earths would be good; it would go with the harvest style.
    Really nice – the style goes with the medium.

  3. Don’t get me wrong – I too am rather partial to the occasional uncomfortable serif, and only the worst will be reworked – this is a linocut after all – if I wanted clean and sharp I would have done this digitally!

    I may get started on the printing next week…

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