Best Foot Forward #3

I haven’t managed to get printing this yet, but it won’t be too long I hope. As I was demonstrating embossing techniques to a student today, I decided to blind emboss one of the blocks, just to see the effect, and I am pretty chuffed with the results!

I deliberately carved out the open spaces and left them quite ‘peaky’ so that a little of the technique would eventually print, but it has worked out really well like this.

The edges are nice and crisp too…

I think it looks a little like architectural moulding. A little, anyway!


5 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward #3

  1. Thanks Bruce, this one is just standard cartridge paper – I did do one on a thicker, cream watercolour paper, but that did not come out quite as evenly as this one. The paper was soaked first for about 10 minutes, and then put between blotting paper for another 10. Very damp.

    Hope to print proper next week!

    1. Sory, the program you are using has unexpectedly encountered an error and will have to quit. I know you haven’t saved it yet.

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