Colour Blind

This is a new book that I have playing around with over the last few weeks. Nothing serious, but an unwanted ring box was rescued during one of Mrs. Lestaret’s occasional clearouts and had been sat on my desk saying “go on then – do something with me.”

I made a few accordion folded strips to see how long I would need to create naturally falling pages and began thinking about a theme. Being the old romantic (?) that I am, I thought about a pledge of love, poetry to woo the hand of a fair maiden and the like. I was listening to the new album by Steve Earle and believe that his lyrics are amongst the finest, especially in his songs of love, loss and longing.

I had a trawl through his extensive back catalogue and narrowed the choices down to three songs – Valentines Day (a great song for those of us who have failed miserably on this wretched occasion), Goodbye (melancholy, and just a little wistful) and Yours Forever Blue (an apology – enough said.)

I eventually went with the latter, and because the box was green, I went with an overall green tone. Blue would have been a bit too obvious, eh?

The type is set in 12pt IM FEll Double Pica Pro on 18pt leading and in Pantone DS 315-1C.

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