Twitter Update!

I have decided to explore the possibilities of Twitter by attempting to blog about it in 140 characters. I have come to the conclusion that


11 thoughts on “Twitter Update!

  1. Are you kidding? I doubt that I have anything to say worth reading in under 140 characters! You probably wouldn’t want to know that I have j

  2. You really should tweet. There are so many interesting printers and artists tweeting. It’s not just 140 characters, as a (link to a) picture is worth a thousand words, as they say! This sounds awful but modern technology makes one (me anyway) very lazy and as I don’t use my PC much anymore having to access blogs is quite a gaff compared to checking a twitter feed. You are too interesting to not tweet!

  3. Let me clarify that then.. With 3 teens and a husband working at home, access to a PC to check a blog is hard.

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