Let’s Rock!

I have been working on a combined linocut, wood type and metal type print recently. I bought this great little block a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a go. I made a couple of quick sketches before I started, but quickly got down to carving a  lino block so I could get the first colour down:

The lettering here was traced from a test print I made of my wood type:

And printed in a calm pale blue…

The steamroller block just looked interesting on eBay – I liked the size too – not too tiny, but not so big that I wouldn’t be able to use it alongside type in size of presses I have.

I mixed up a really thick murky green…

And the prints began to emerge…

I set up the rest of the type in Rockwell Bold Shadow – ALL CAPS! The image below shows the type locked up into the forme:

And I mixed an astonishingly vulgar shade of pink too – using plenty of extender to give it some transparency – I wanted it to darken a bit on to of the blue:

I also printed the Lestaret moniker on the back whilst I was at it!

And like kippers in a smokehouse, they hang up to cure!

Yeah, baby! Steam power!


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