A Polite Response

I have had the urge to do something with some of the script typefaces that I have. Palace Script is commonly used for wedding invitations and the like, and for me, no matter what it says it will always look like it says “Mr & Mrs Brian Dingleberry request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Deborah Edith to Mr David Windermere Winkle…”

However, the actual metal type itself has other fascinations, particularly in its physical construction, from its delicate linework and overhanging kerning to its engineered twist in the body. In the image above, the body of the type takes on an almost architectural appearance reminding me of the supporting legs of some cast concrete motorway bridge. The image below shows how the twist is necessary for the highly slanted script to fit together snugly.

It is actually very difficult to set this type – remembering that you are working upside down and in reverse, and whilst the size of this type is 18pt, the x-height is less than 2mm!

Once the text was set I went rooting through a number of little boxes of type that I have but never used, and found this box of unused 6pt border patterns!

The final forme looks like this:

You can really see the kerned elements overhanging in these shots…

And what does it all mean?

I love to see swear words set in Palace Script, don’t you?


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