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Choices, Choices!

I’m ready to start getting a fresh coat of paint onto my new press. It’s original colour was green and probably brass laquer, but is now a rather murky green and rusted brown…

In order to get the colours right, I decided to create a simple vector illustration to test out different schemes. Of course, this being me, I didn’t stop at a simple vector, and this got a bit more complicated! 

After this mildly obsessive diversion, I got down to business. I have had a bright postbox red in mind for some time so this is where I started:


The full red was obviously too much, so I considered silver to co-ordinate. I eventually opted for black as it gave the press a more serious feel, rather than the flashy silver.

I also need to make an upper platen too, and am on the lookout for suitable materials…


5 thoughts on “Choices, Choices!

  1. Red and black looks wonderful.

    I think it needs some nice pin striping too, and if you can fit it on there, some lovely hand rendered, drop shadowed sign writing like you’d see on an old traction engine.

  2. I have thought about pinstriping, but it is not as easy as it looks. I think I would make a mess of it – I tried it on my nippiong press, but was so embarrased about the results, immediately cleaned them off and never spoke of it again!

    I am going to make a nameplate though. The original is long gone, but I think I will make a period style Lestaret plate in brass…

    1. Oh yes. Typo porn. All the way. Just my kind of thing. What I wouldn’t give to get to the Hamilton Type Museum for a rummage around old typecases that haven’t seen daylight for fifty years…

      ‘scuse me – I must go and shower off now.

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