Something Fishy Going On?

Not really. Just a bit of print frenzy going on! I’m really enjoying the process again!

This card began when I rollered out some very pale and transparent ink directly onto the card, leaving roller marks and  deliberate inconsistencies in coverage. I did not photograph this for some reason.

I set up some wood type again and overprinted the background with a brighter, but still transparent green.

You can see the backgrounds clearer here:

When this was dry I made some adjustments to the type and locked it all back up again. I then mixed up some custardy yellow, also using plenty of transparent extender…

And another then another overprint…

Deliberately out of register to give a slightly 3D effect, but really trying to make the most of the transparency…

A couple of days later I got around to real reason for these prints – a new block purchased from eBay!

This time a very deep red was mixed and the Adana 5-3 was primed and put to task…

That is one hell of a flat fish!

Well? It’s a genuine request!


2 thoughts on “Something Fishy Going On?

    1. Thankyou, – I hope you nejoy yours as much as I do mine! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask…

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