CD Packaging #2

I have been playing Jon’s new CD “…if we run and run” for the last week or so, and needed to put some visuals together for discussion.

I filled quite a few pages with doodles, notes and scratchings, mulling on the lyrics, the tone of the album, and a couple of the tracks that had stood out to me. These two pages show the birth of some of the images that follow.

The first visual was to be printed black only onto recycled board, with the image of the switch heavily ‘screened’ to give a newsprint type effect. I kept coming back to the image of a switch – possibly a visual metaphor – the switch representing choices and decisions that require a human action:

The next visual was another approach to the same idea, this time focusing on a more characterful doorbell, muted colours and subtle type.  All textures printed on plain white matt stock:

The next one gets a different treatment this time. The stone can be representative of the self, lightly bound. It can be seen as a little obsessive too. Again the textures are print effects:

The last one has no central imagery this time. The image is the inside of an old plastic-covered book and suggests self-repair or maintenance. I like the idea that the songs are very intimate – what is usually kept inside becomes the outer presentation. Nice clean linear typography to elevate the design from being too grungy.

I shared these four ideas online with Jon to start a dialogue and find some common ground to develop the design on. I have another non-public blog that I use to share images of work in progress with clients which these were posted up on. The following day, I received this response from Jon:

I absolutely love the stone one. For me it represents all that I have gone through over the last few months. and the fact that it’s cut suggests, to me anyway, that a weight has been removed. I love the simplicity of it, I love the tone and the timbre, and I love the font. it’s beautiful. PLEASE LETS GO WITH THIS ONE! it has an emotional pull for me that is immediate and powerful.

Result! It’s not often it happens when you hit the nail on the head with the first strike.

The stones were shot outdoors under a leaden, overcast sky for neutral, reasonably flat lighting:

I had also created a few others to show at our next meeting, but these are resigned to the ‘designs that never were’ file:



Work is underway to create accurate artwork whilst Jon finishes compiling the lyrics, credits and tracklisting…


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