Chinese Calligraphy Workbooks #4

I recently posted a few images from an old chinese calligraphy workbook I bought earlier this year. I like the asemic qualities of oriental scripts and I was curious about the physical qualities too, particularly their papers and bindings. This last one is perhaps the newest of the three, and comes in a slipcase:

The cover itself is largely the same but with a title strip pasted on.

This book is perfect bound – a modern technique that glues the sections of the book together and encloses the cover around. Whilst this is a cheaper alternative to sewing and the like, it lacks the elegance of the other two and does not open up as naturally:

There are some ‘mechanical’ glyphs at the front and back, as well as these nifty double ‘throw-outs’

I bought these books out of curiosity just to examine them in more detail, as well as add some oriental charm to my collection of type, graphics and printed ephemera. They have sparked a few ideas within my own asemic work, and I hope that they will become useful reference material to me in the years to come – even if it is not in a way that they were intended!


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