Tibetan Sutra

The latest addition to my collection – a Tibetan prayer sutra. I don’t know much about this, only that is was recently brought back from Lanzarote (of all places!) but a little internet research brought up some interesting information.

Click for much bigger images…

It is quite likely to have been printed at the Dege Sutra Printing House in Sichuan, which claims to produce 70% of all the Tibetan Bhuddist scriptures. The printing house is well known, and has been printing these for 280 years using the same traditional methods. The blocks are hand carved from maple and there are about 217,000  blocks in their archive.

The paper is quite thick, clearly handmade, and has the discolouring and distress to allow me to assume this is quite old – images on their website show whiter, (marginally smoother) paper, but it is almost impossible to tell for sure –  I’ll never know if this a new print from an old block. Nevertheless, I love the texture of the paper and the imprint the block has made, as well as its pedigree.


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