Adobe Illustrator

Even More Super!

“…And at the end of this session I have a fairly convincing image emerging”

Another session, another day. The handle of the Super 8 is covered in a textured plastic veneer for extra grip, so I needed to create a quality randomised texture, which means making my own rather than relying on any of the preset textures, which are small sections repeated and fairly obvious about it too.

I begain by rooting through my collection of stock images. I do have images of leather grain, but they do not have the contrast I need for the next stages. What I used was a large image of gravel which was placed into Illustrator without any editing.

Using the Livetrace tool, I opted for ‘one colour logo’ from the options menu and expanded it to create the vectors:

I then selected the whole block and dragged it into the swatches palette. The handle shapes were then filled with a dark grey. The texture fill was also applied and a little fine tuning with the opacity settings I got the effect I wanted:

The right side of the camera is now complete:

The left side involved a fair amount of copying and reflecting, with some small adjustments to some of the gradients, and now needs its unique detailing…

And here it is in it’s final state. Click on it – it’s quite big.

I’m am pretty pleased with the result – there are no special tricks here, just close observation, and using the right tools for the job. A true orthographic would also have a plan and bottom view, but these did not add anything new to the image, so I decided to omit them.

Copies of this images (along with a whole lot of other stuff) will be available to purchase at the Leeds Print Festival in January – more of which very soon!


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