Leeds Print Festival

I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in the inaugural Leeds Print Festival in January 2012.

I will be participating in an evenings printing and bookbinding on Friday 27th from 7pm with a number of other ‘printerly’ types – I will be producing some limited edition books and prints right there! Come along and see exactly what I and my fellow exhibitionists get up to…

There is a print fair on Saturday 28th 11am – 6pm where prints of all descriptions can be purchased from a wide variety of sellers, myself included! I will be selling sets of linocut and letterpress greetings cards, linocut and screenprinted art prints, as well as a few digital prints and some etchings. There will of course, be handmade sketchbooks for sale .

I have been busy printing and getting all my unfinished things finished! Many long evenings in the garage printshop!

On the Sunday there are three talks by creatives who are passionate about print; Si Scott and Generation Press have already been confirmed and you will need to purchase a tickets (only 20 squid!)  if you want to attend. Go here, buy yours now)

If you can make it on either day, come over and say ‘Hi’ – don’t be shy and maybe buy a print or two if you like!

Lots more information on their website, and you can follow on twitter and facebook if you’re that way inclined…


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