Solitary Man by Johnny Cash
Höstluft by Library Tapes
Happt Soup by Baxter Dury
Eddie, Old Bob, Dick and Gary by Tenpole Tudor
This Time Around by Green On Red
Love, Ire and Song by Frank Turner
The Broken Man by Matt Elliott
Smash It Up – The Damned Anthology 1967 -1987 by The Damned
 L’air De Rien by Tété 
4-Trackaganza! and Raw by Chris Murray
NV3 by Nouvelle Vague
Hindustani Slide Guitar by Debashish & Subhashish Bhattacharya
Lumière and Post Industrial Blues by Bob Brozman


2 thoughts on “Playlist

    1. What can I say? Matt Elliott is the master of melancholy! I am still listening intently to this album – it is a perfect follow up to the ‘songs’ albums and is now part of my own personal soundtrack…

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