Preparing For The Leeds Print Festival

As I mentioned in my pre-christmas post,  I will be taking part in the inaugural Leeds Print Festival in January 2012. As well as particpating in demonstrations of linocutting and bookbinding, there is a print fair on Saturday 28th 11am – 6pm where prints of all descriptions can be purchased from a wide variety of sellers, myself included! I will be offering sets of linocut and letterpress greetings cards, linocut and screenprinted art prints, as well as a few etchings and some digital prints too. There will be handmade sketchbooks for sale also.

Over the holiday I have been busy printing and getting all my unfinished things finished and starting new ones!

I did my first ‘real’ run of prints from my hand series – originally cut in 2009 to test out my newly acquired and restored nipping press. The original post is here and you can see videos here.

I mixed a very deep green – not really visible in these images – and needed to make some adjustments to the block as I went along, like spraymounting small strips of paper onto the areas I wanted to keep clean after each inking!

There are three hands in the series and these will be for sale separately and as a set…

I also did a couple of tests from a new block…

And I’ve been bookbinding too. I haven’t done much binding recently, so have really enjoyed getting stuck back in. Cutting folding and poking little holes in them…

This how I have been spending a fair bit of my time – hunched under a vintage Anglepoise lamp, surrounded by tools, threads, papers, knives, ribbons and the occasional glass of  ‘falling down water!’ Please notice the computer screen in the background – on this occasion, iTunes was playing out the new Tom Waits album, and the pot of vintage dip pens in front makes a nice silhouette!  

Better get some covers sorted then!

Meanwhile, back in a very cold garage printshop, more letterpress tomfoolery has been taking place, with a limited edition run of something special for the opening night of the festival – only 50 off, but you’ll have to be there to get hold of one!

If you can make it on either day, say come over and ‘Hi’ – don’t be shy and maybe buy a print or two if you like!

Lots more information on their website, and you can follow on twitter and facebook if you’re that way inclined…


5 thoughts on “Preparing For The Leeds Print Festival

  1. Outstanding post! Thank you so much – great to ‘meet’ you and learn more about what you’re doing. You’ve been quite busy! Went to the Leeds print festival site – lots of talented artists. I hope it is an enjoyable, successful day for you. You are inspiring, keep us posted!

  2. Once again, thankyou for your kind words! There will certainly be more to come on this subject and I hope to post a good review afterwards with lots of images!

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