Leeds Print Festival – getting nearer…

The Leeds Print Festival has got very close, very quick and I have been getting a lot of things ready for the print sale on Saturday 28th January 2012. I am also involved in the opening event on the evening before and am preparing for that also.

And of course that means doing things (and making mistakes) that are unique to letterpress, no CTRL+Z here!

Notice the pile of pied type in the last image. Bugger! It’ll take ages to sort that lot out again! I wouldn’t mind but I wasn’t using that fount – I just spilled it!

I have also cut a big (A3-ish) lino block which already had a number of prints run before I cut it into smaller pieces out of frustration!

This will be one of my bookbinding projects for the Friday evening – if all goes well!

I still have  some books left to bind, and one or two covers to attach, as well as a lot of packaging, but I am getting a bit excited now! Sorry for going on about this, but there you go!


8 thoughts on “Leeds Print Festival – getting nearer…

  1. I had an instructor who used to, accidentally- on- purpose, spill lead type all over and make us sort it out. Fun times.

    Lino block looks nice! Good luck for the end of the month!

  2. I’ve never seen an upside-down r actually printed before, I’m a Compositor and you spent the first two years of an apprenticeship dissing type, plus if that had gone to press you would have been given the sack along with the Reader, also too many errors would result in the sack, if you cast or set a line with an error in it you didn’t get paid for the line or to reset it. If those rules applied today there would be few people earning a living in the printing trade!
    Anyway carry on the good work, the Linocut looks great.

    1. I thought long and hard about owning up to that one – and I am surprised that you are the only person to really flag that up! Yes, it’s an unforgivable error, but one that I make openly and am prepared to take the flack – I consider myself sacked.

      The ‘rules’ today are flimsy at best, and adherence to them appears to be optional too, but I’ll keep trying, honest!

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