I feel like I need to apologise for posting so much on this but it has been a fairly dominant presence for me over the last month or so. As I showed in my last post I have been continually preparing prints and books so that I have a decent amount of stock available for the print fair, but I’ve also been getting a few pieces ready for the Friday exhibition/demonstration evening.  

Although small in size as well as quantity this little project has been very time-consuming – indeed, I am still printing, cutting and sewing, in order to produce a few more in time for the Festival.

I have also been making lots of little notebooks…

Quite a few small batches in various sizes, all utilising different cover and page stocks, each with a different letterpressed cover, and pamphlet stitched in specially dyed linen thread!

These last few weeks have been a bit of an adventure for me – particularly preparing for a sale as I tend to print for my own satisfaction and am not used to producing ‘stocks’ but at least it has got me going enough to get my online shop organised.

If you click on the ‘SHOP’ heading at the top of the blog you will be taken to my retail debut – “The Department of Something Else” – I hope to be making more of my work available, more often and as always, I will keep you up to date here.


5 thoughts on “Productivity!

  1. Thankyou! I also like yours too – I have been looking at your blog recently and see that you are no strangers to the print fair! This is my first and I am a bit nervous! It’s comments like this that help keep you focussed.

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