Greetings From Adanaland!

I don’t know where it is but I rather think I’d like to pay a visit!

These are set of stamps from the imaginary Adanaland, otherwise known as the brainchild of Alan Brignull’s Hedgehog Press, whose work can be found dotted all over the internet, but does not have a huge public profile. I bought these a little while ago off Ebay and they have been sitting in a little box on my desk for some weeks. This post is a sign that I’ve been tidying up.

From what I have found out so far, Alan has produced a fair amount of Adanaland printed ephemera, including quite a few different stamps. All printed on an Adana 5×8 of course.

I was originally attracted to these because of the asemic qualities of the lettering – some form of sanskrit perhaps? But I have, as so often is the case, become a little fixated upon the idea of these sheets – a collection, boxed or bound, some form of project or the beginning of a collection…

And the collection grows! Since I first started preparing this post, I have also purchased another sheet of Adanaland stamps, and a presentation pack too!

The sheet pays tribute to John Ryder, the publisher of “Printing for Pleasure” which is still considered to be the definitive book for amateur printers, even though it was published in 1955! (I’m still looking for a copy at a decent price!)

And the collectors set of stamps from Adanalands Overseas Dependencies issued by Popesgrove Philatelic – another Brignull enterprise – contains eight lovely examples…

Another one of these…

These oriental designs are beautifully coloured.

I’m so pleased with these – they really make me smile to think of the time and effort that has gone into producing them. Thankyou Mr. Brignull; keep us posted!


5 thoughts on “Greetings From Adanaland!

  1. Alan also produces postal ephemera for the Perfect State of Flatby. Many of these issues are designed after the classics, but the most interesting thing that I find about the products of Hedgehog Press is that so often that little Adana 5×8 can either match…..or exceed….. the actual model issue itself in general quality and presentation! He can make a typographed image from a relatively rustic hand-press look like . . . . a photogravure!

    I am curious the font he used for the British Magenta Look-alike.

    Alan’s “Popesgrove” also produces tobacco trading cards, not unlike the American bubble-gum cards of my generation.

  2. Hello Gary, as a newcomer to Adanaland, I am hugely exited by the prospect of discovering more of this wonderful letterpress work. Today, a beautifully labelled package arrived at my door, filled with lots more items from Adanaland, Flatby and Popesgrove – I will be carefully examining everything this evening with a glass of wine!

  3. Hi Joanne – the answer is simply “I don’t know” – I know that Alan has an old perforating machine and makes his own. You could try using a perforating wheel to see if that gives a good enough result…

  4. Thanks, Lestaret! Who needs a website of their own when there are bloggers like you?

    Gary, the type on the British Adana is 6pt Modern 20 from Stephenson Blake. No, they don’t make it any more, but when tiny type comes up at auctions and bring & buy sales, there is not much competition!

    Joanne, he’s right, I perforate my own on an antique machine. They’re not easy to find, but not all stamps are perforated. You could try a perforating wheel. Some people even use a sewing machine with no thread.

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