New for 2012:

Each month (or thereabouts) I will post an image of a piece of my work and invite you to offer me something to swap it for. Simple as that. I would rather it be a piece of your work but I am open to offers. All you have to do is send me an email with a description of your offer and a photograph of it as an attachment.

Here’s how I would like things to work: I will decide with whom to make a swap from the submissions I get for each offer and contact them directly to arrange the transaction directly. The results of the swap will be posted the following month. Does that sound fair?

There is nothing more to it than that. I’ll offer up something – if you want it, offer me something in return. We’ll sort the postage details via email (I will post to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!) and that’s it. You get something you want and so do I.

So let’s ge the ball rolling.  I will start with this:

This is a screenprint made from a drawing I did in September 2010. “Pipe Dreams” measures 365×262 mm and this one is printed in a rich terracotta colour, with a slightly darker brown streak on a 560×380 mm sheet of watercolour paper.

This print was made as I was adding small amounts of blue to the ink – the first pulls were horribly garish, but settled into this rather pleasant colour variation (see above) – these are the best prints of the set in my opinion – even Mrs. Lestaret said that she liked them!

So what do you think? Email me at christopher (at) lestaret (dot) com with an offer and an image…

Offer on this print ends at midnight on March 30 2012.
My decision will be made on whatever criteria I choose.
You pay for postage and packing on your stuff, I pay mine.


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