Mad Men Returns!

The long wait for season five of Mad Men is almost over! During the last few days, to get me in the mood or just to drive me a bit crazy, I decided to break with my usual themes and create a lino print featuring one of the main reasons why I watch!

Having selected an appropriate image I did a little tracing and because the image was quite complex, I grabbed a red marker and flooded the lino with colour – this would help to show the smaller cuts clearer and give me a good representation of how well I’d cut.

This is to be a two colour print – this time with two separate blocks – this will be too difficult to do as a reduction print!

Almost one hour later and I’m getting a pretty good idea of how this one is going! But it is in the printing that the proof is found. The following day I went to print some tests from a few blocks I am working on…

If I could wolf-whistle on the web, I would do it now! I’d best get started on that second block then!


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