Joan of Art

I forgot to upload the image I used for reference in my last post! This is one of the standard press release shots – there are a number of others quite similar in composition to this, but I liked the reactions of the men behind her.

Again, having coloured the lino with red marker, I traced out the lines of the second block and began cutting:

It’s in the small details where the benefit of the red surface really comes in, but you also get a good idea of what you are going to get too.

But, in my haste to get this done for the UK start of season five (just listen to me harping on – as if it matters to anybody when I do this!) I only printed a couple of tests, so I needed to get some proper prints done from the first block.

I decided to break with my usual “best on white” approach and use some bright yellow Colourplan by GFSmith for this one…

A few days later and the test print off the new block in a rich, dark brown shows no apparent issues, so it’s back to the press, and with a little trepidation, onto the second colour…

I was hoping that my jig was going to be enough to register the two colours…

Not bad!

The print measures 175x140mm on a 300x250mm sheet.

Joannie! Hold my calls and fix me a scotch. I’ll be in front of the TV tonight.


3 thoughts on “Joan of Art

  1. Excellent as always! I missed the season premiere – thank goodness for DVR’s. Sometimes it’s fun to tape a few and have a mini-marathon! How do you make the time to produce all this fabulous work?? Outstanding.

    And how goes the call for a trade??

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