Last month I proposed an offer – swap a piece of your work for a piece of my work. Simple as that. My offering was this:

This is a screenprint made from a drawing I did in September 2010. “Pipe Dreams” measures 365×262 mm and this one is printed in a rich terracotta colour, with a slightly darker brown streak on a 560×380 mm sheet of watercolour paper.

All that was needed was to send me an email with a description of your offer and a photograph of it as an attachment.

I would like to thank everyone who participated, and say how impressed I was at the quality of work offered! But the deal was for a straight swap, and I could choose only one; so stand up, Jack Kingham for this unusual collograph and letterpress poster:

I will be posting my poster off early next week and look forward to adding Jack’s poster to my collection! In the meantime, check out Jack’s Behance portfolio!

Swapshap will continue next month, and if you too would like a copy of ‘Pipe Dreams’ there are still a few for sale in The Department of Something Else


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