Roll Up! Roll Up!

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know that I tend to have quite a few things on the go. Most of them come to some sort of conclusion too, but some fall by the wayside, whilst others lay dormant until the right time, mood or opportunity presents itself. This is one of them. Way back in February 2010 I posted a teaser about a poster I was planning as a linocut project. I continued with it for some time, and got the design about 90% resolved on-screen, but got distracted with other things and put it to one side.

Whilst it was still a little too cold to print, I have been doing some nice, warm, indoorsy type stuff and mostly digital. This got me thinking about unfinished projects and led me back to the files I had last worked on a good year or so ago.

Having recently done a fair bit of linocutting and printing for the Leeds Print Festival, I wasn’t overly keen on a big lino job, and got to thinking about the screen printing I did in December. I didn’t blog about this at the time, as I was busy preparing lots of stuff for the festival, but I really enjoyed the process – not something I have been able to say in the past, but I got some really good results, and a lot more confidence with the equipment.

So I have begun to draw out the poster now. I have made some significant changes, and left quite a lot of detail out, so I can let the drawing evolve as I am working on it. I am intending to make this a tight registered 3 colour print, which is pretty ambitious considering how much experience  have had so far, but what the hey!

I will continue to show this in progress, but will avoid showing the entire poster – I want to work up to a big finish!
More opportunities to play Mr.Wait’s Circus a little bit more…


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