Print Postcards #1

The unseasonally warm start to spring (although it has been followed by some fairly sharp ‘brass monkey’ weather) seems to have got my dander up in the printshop!

I run out a decent number of postcards using my trusty Belmont coppertop block and added a blog link in 10pt Gill Sans Italic. I ended up using the full stops from another font as the Gill was ‘sans punctuation.’ This has resulted in an unsightly drop on the baseline, but I decided to go with it as I thought it did not detract too much. (I can hear the sharp intake of breath from the purists and am girding my loins in anticipation of the responses this may draw!)

My aim on this project was to experiment with some new colours, combinations and effects, and began by mixing up some Opaque White with a dab of Prussian Plue and a tiny smidgen of Process Yellow:

I added just a little more yellow to push this towards a pale turquoise.

I am very pleased with this colour – it has covered well and laid down a rich base for the next stage. Oh, I had cut these blocks to try to develop my cutting skills. Sorry, no images of that part.

The next coulour was a soft pink, again using a base of the white with a dab of magenta.

Again, this has covered well and dressed up this blackletter a little…

I did want these prints to be clean – free from the lino ‘peaks’  – but thought these added something to the effect. I kept making small adjustments to the block to keep these to a minimum though.

The next block was printed in a baby peach colour, made from white, yellow and magenta.

This one has printed very clean and sharp as I intended.

There is also a fourth block, but I’ll save something for the end! With 40 cards all printed and stacked in my drying rack, I’ll let you know what is to come next; transparent colours.


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