Postcards #2

I have a very inviting pile of nicely printed postcards that are demanding to be overprinted. Again, I am experimenting with some new colours (for me) and aiming for a grungy/retro feel on each of the cards. I had printed a number of additional cards to use as set-ups as there is nothing definite when it comes to printing, and every stage has an opportunity for something to go awry.

Take this first print. this slimy effect is the result of a combination of things: a lot of transparent extender, too much ink mixed and rolled out on my inkslab and subsequently too much on the roller. The block is then over-inked which squishes out the excess under pressure and leaves this ‘beading’ effect. I also find that it takes two or three prints for the block to ‘come up to’ readiness – where the repetition of  re-inking saturates the lino surface and rids it of any greasy residue, either from the carving (a very hands-on process) or more likely in this case, of any soap left over from cleaning (I use a little liquid soap and water for Caligo water based relief inks, and baby wipes to keep my fingers clean during printing.)

But after a few prints, the block settles down and I start to get the results I’m after. This is quite a rich orange, but because of the transparent extender, it looks metallic, almost gold on the block!

This image has been my wallpaper ever since!

This was about 98% extender and 2% black! I couldn’t get the transparency I wanted so I under inked the block instead.

And then it was on to some shitty brown over the baby blue…

If anyone else would like to enjoy some printy wallpaper, you can down load it here.


2 thoughts on “Postcards #2

  1. Some interesting things going on there, Chris. I really like the blackletter print! I also bought some Caligo Safe Wash inks and have been experimenting. I found they take some getting used to and is easy to overload the brayer and block. I also have been reading it is hard to get a transparent black with those inks. A solution I found is to mix a rich black then add the transparent extender. I haven’t tried that technique yet so I can’t speak to its effectiveness. Thanks for the tip of using baby wipes to keep the hands clean!
    Keep up the great work!

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