On super thick handmade paper. About A4-ish. Just for fun. One for me, a few for friends. Oh, and if you were wondering, it does…



If you would like one, you’re going to have to make me smile! Drop me a comment (by clicking that little box next to the date under the title of this post) and tell me something amusing about yourself. In seven days I will choose my favourites and contact you directly for mailing details. Winners will be announced as an addition to this post and on Twitter! Spread the word…


Many thanks to all of you who commented here – it’s nice to know that I am not the only one with odd habits! As I said in the post, I only have two of these to give away and feel bad about disappointing people, so I will be sending something printy to everyone! Everyone has been emailed – just let me know when you get your pack!

Thankyou to everyone who joined in, especially Phoebe and Justin who will receive one of these prints (and a few other bits)  in their mail soon!


5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. The most amusing thing about me would have to be my very big obsession with anything small, cute and tiny, no matter what it is I will want it if it meets any or all of these factors. It can get a bit much for people shopping with me but I love it :3

  2. I proposed to my wife in a gas station. It was a 5 Star Texaco to be exact.

    On our first visit, I asked her to date me, and they served 31 flavors of ice cream. By the time I asked for her hand in marriage, it was less of a treat to be there. One of my favorite funny stories. @boundstaffpress

  3. I have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to learn everything ever. I actually found your blog by perusing a materials website that linked to your realistic skull linocut. I am always pushing myself above and beyond, trying new materials, processes, and styles, to the point where I have just given up on a full night’s sleep. You know, in the pursuit of dreams? As they say, I’ll “sleep when I am dead.”

    – Lindsay

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