Not Exactly a Protest, but…

I am absolutely sick of seeing those notices that say “ Hey, be careful of using the Olympic logo because of draconian copyright laws etc” – I know it is a valuable commercial property, but bloody hell! As a designer I see this type of advice all the time all over the web these days, often telling me that if I am using any olympic graphics anywhere without paying huge sums of money and signing away the marriage rights of my daughters, that I am almost certainly in breach of some part of copyright law and the big international copyright boys will come round to my house and rough me up a bit.

Given the insane amount of promotional bullshit that is being published each and every day (Immodium – proud sponsor of the Olympics!), on TV, in print and online, it’s no wonder that any under-the-radar entrepreneur isn’t going to take advantage of the opportunity to add some value to whatever tat they have in their lockup at the moment. It’s Del-Boy and Rodney’s dream!

This is not a London (or British) phenomenon. I do not have any evidence to support this but I bet that every Zhang, Kostas and Manuel in each host country did exactly the same. Luvvly jubbly! ( jubbly υπέροχη! hermosa jubbly! schöne Jubbly! etc!)

So this is my offering to the plethora of London 2012 tie-ins, sponsorships, piggybacking and profiteering exercises that assault the eyes at every turn:

Click on the image for an enlargement – this is an A3 image – print it out and display it proudly in your window, on your door, or public noticeboard to show support for unsponsored sport!  And if you do, or see one somewhere –  take a picture and send it to me at christopher (at) lestaret dot com telling me where it is and I’ll publish a gallery!

Please don’t get me wrong- I’m not anti-olympics, but am just a little sick of the commercialism.

Lestaret; not the unnofficial blog of London 2012 Olympicalness.



One thought on “Not Exactly a Protest, but…

  1. As always, outside the box and thought provoking. love your work.
    Could not help thinking that re arranging the cyan text from the bottom to the top.
    placing Zone on one line and over laying a black “i” over the O in zone, (as in Information) you would have a reasonable mast head for a Zine about the subject matter.
    Food for thought.

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