Asemic Book Art

I have recently finished a new artist’s book that utilises one of the new asemic systems that I developed for Pabulum. The text picks up from the style of the cover, which was constructed from samples of vintage typewritten text to create a faux vintage quality as if this mysterious writing had been typed on an old Imperial or some such relic.

The boards are covered in rich blue leather and the front features a deep emboss of one of the glyphs.

This is a structure I have been experimenting with recently but this is the first time I have used it for a finished book.

When closed there is little to suggest anything different about this book, but it is when you look carefully you notice layers and textures.

The book opens flat to reveal a folded pocket accordion structure. This format is called the blizzard book and was created by bookbinding guru Hedi Kyle whilst stranded in her home by adverse weather.

The structure is made from a single sheet of paper – no sewing, glue or tabs are required for this, just accurate measurements and some very careful folding. The spine is exposed which allows it to open fully. In fact, this structure naturally springs open to create the fan display.

The pages act as pockets to hold the inserts, made from waxed handmade paper and Indian ink. These simply slip in and out.

As well as the asemic lettering which I believe is fairly convincingly typewritten, I am pleased with the general tactile qualities of the piece, which I have tried to get across in these images. There is one more thing that I have deliberately left until last – the scale:

The book measures just 60 x 50 x 17mm. I think it needs a box now…


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