Mail Art #2

Here are a few more mail art pieces made during the summer and sent around the world…

This first one is called “Fragments of John Dee” A faux transparency of a section from John Dee’s ‘Mysteriorum Liber Tertius’ (published 1582), wrapped in newsprint with printed astrological symbols sewn to black core board. Again, wrapped in newsprint printed with a reproduction of Dee’s ‘The Holy Table’ on one side and an extract from his symbolic representation of the universe. The envelope is based upon a Japanese design (more of which in another post) and is printed with fake distress and a variety of Dee’s symbols and glyphs. Approx 120x110mm

This next one is a mixed media piece entitled “Voynich Voyages” (100 x76mm) that uses balsa wood, inkjet prints, handmade paper, hairy twine, organic matter, watch cogs and lots of wax. The envelope is a variation on the Japanese design used previously, made from tea and coffee stained cartridge paper. This was old stuff that had been around for a while and was looking tatty and has been put to good use…

The next one is also a mixed media piece entitled “Psycho Negativity” (140 x80mm) that uses greyboard, acrylic paint, PVA, string and threads, a 35mm colour negative and lots of wax. The envelopes (Japanese design again!) were made from old type reference sheets I rescued from certain death a few years ago…

The last one was a small book of waxed vintage and Chinese book pages, threads, scrim, handmade paper, leaves and photographic prints. 76 x 47mm approx. Envelopes – yes, you guessed right – I must do something different next time – but made from a Primark bag inside out! Proper ‘upcycling!’

All these were made over a period of time using a variety of techniques, some of which I was not familiar with, or hadn’t done since I was a student. I purposely didn’t blog about these as they were largely unplanned and developed whilst I was working on them. It made quite a change to do something without thought for the blog, but don’t worry – I’m not about to turn my back on you!

The next one is much more elaborate and needed some planning, so I photographed the stages and have been preparing a post on the making of a mailout. That will soon be ready…


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