A Little Help, Please?


Anyone know what this graphic is or where it is from? I have the idea that it is a ticket of some sort, but beyond that, nothing. Any information would be useful.

Many thanks.


6 thoughts on “A Little Help, Please?

  1. The word “Annulation” at the bottom of the ticket can be used to describe a molecular reaction in organic chemistry but I don’t recognise any of the other abbreviations I’m afraid. Hope this aids you in your search for clarification, do let us know your findings.

  2. Looking at a street map of central Geneva, I see a number of places which could be abbreviated here — Bel-Air Cité (BAC) Cornavin (CO) Neuve (NE) Athenée (ATH) Claparède (CL) — in roughly the right place if the plan is inverted north to south.

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