Something To Crow About

I haven’t done a step-by-step post for ages, so I thought I’d get back into the habit of recording my progress as I made a new rubberstamp. This is a really easy process that doesn’t need anything more than a sharp blade; other than a cheap pencil eraser and a pencil, of course! I also use a marker pen to add a little colour to the surface which helps me see the image emerge better:

Then draw the image directly onto the eraser in pencil…

Then the tricky part starts – a little patience is required here. I work by cutting a V groove around the image, first by cutting along the line…

…then cutting at a shallower angle against it:

And I remove each segment each time to keep a close eye on the detail.

Notice the ‘V’ shape? As well as allowing for good blade control, there is also a practical purpose too – the v shape helps to stop the rubber from deforming and spreading under pressure.


LESTARET-rubberstamp-7 LESTARET-rubberstamp-8
I will always try to get a good clean edge to my cuts first time around, but often find I need to make more adjustments in the fiddlier areas.

Once the edges are clear,the rest of the surface is removed and the block trimmed down. Time for testing!

LESTARET-rubberstamp-10 LESTARET-rubberstamp-11
I’m really pleased with this. Just a little defining on the feet and a clean up beneath and it’s:

LESTARET-rubberstamp-12 LESTARET-rubberstamp-13
Yay!This has been cut especially for a collaborative book arts project (more of which another time) but I think I’ll be looking for as many opportunities to use it a lot. Now what is a Lestaret post without a close-up and some nice paper texture?

Happy to oblige.


3 thoughts on “Something To Crow About

    1. Just a standard office stamp ink pad from the stationers – you can get ‘special’ stamping ink for highly inflated prices in most craft stores though!

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