New Asemic Script #4

The script has been developed to a point where I can begin putting it into use, and I have been busy doing just that, with about half of the pages already completed for the new book.

I am now at a point where I need to expand on the script more, and explore some new avenues and structures. I had decided to see if the glyphs could be ‘unscripted’ and transformed into something more mechanical.

I began by losing all the curves and creating an angled geometric version:

This reminds me of decorated Ndebele houses, Navajo textiles and square Kufic script

I converted three lines to see how the various shapes translated and couldn’t help myself in applying them to a stone panel. Not really, just a little ‘photoshoppery’ to break up the line work I suppose:


I have not abandoned the hand drawn script script either. I recently purchased an automatic pen nib with a 15mm wide stroke and have been going freestyle with some loose gouache and ink…
I have also been working on some other, less restricted asemic artworks too, which will be published elsewhere a little later this year…
I also wanted to see if the script translated well to a geometric line that included circles and was very encouraged by the results:

So I spent a little time experimenting with slab serifs…

which put me in mind of an old favourite typeface from my college years; Lubalin Graph.

Designed by the legendary Herb Lubalin in 1974, I was fascinated by the inventiveness of the tight-spaced ligatures – something that I believe has never been digitized with the standard font!

If only my efforts were as well crafted! The slab serifs became turgid at smaller sizes (not shown), but the monoline version held up well. The next stage is to try some more…



4 thoughts on “New Asemic Script #4

  1. That’s one hell of a good automatic pen nib!
    The type is getting better too; it was good to start with.
    I’d like to see you move it back to alphabetical forms.

  2. Fantastic stuff as ever Mr Lestaret, I particularly love the angled geometric style. Looking forward to the new book immensely.

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