Nikon D5100, Photography

I’m All Ears!

One of the great things about living on the edge of rural Norfolk, is observing the seasonal changes through its landscape.  In the fields closest to my house, they are growing wheat  barley this year (thanks Nick the cereal pedant!) – this is my primary whippet walking route and I have had the privilege to see these crops planted, germinate and grow. Just a couple of weeks back, these fields were the lushest, brightest green as they began to mature, and yesterday evening I decided to capture them before all the green disappears and they become totally golden before harvest.

LESTARET-wheat-2 LESTARET-wheat-3
And after a couple of days of cooler, fresher weather, the sun beat down all day, reaching 29° with the occasional cloud to break up the blue. These were taken at between 8 -8.30pm. No filters, no effects…



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