Calabi Yau Space by Dopplereffekt
F# A# (Infinity) by Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1 by Ekoplekz
Gorillaz by Gorillaz
Nigeria Disco Funk Special – The Sound of the
xxxUnderground Lagos Dance Floor 1974 -79
by various
Nighthawks at the Diner by Tom Waits
The Best of the Vee-Jay Years by Jimmy Reed
Pawnshop Blues by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
More Real Folk Blues by Howlin’ Wolf
Patience (after Sebald) by The Caretaker
Mean Creek OST by Tomandandy
If Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come be True
by Esmerine


10 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. I saw Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee live back in the 80s! You don’t need to know that of course and the main reason I am responding to your playlist is that I noticed The Caretaker is listed and I wondered if you had seen the short video of Phlegm drawing with a soundtrack by The Caretaker! It’s a great little video and the choice of music is perfect. Here is the link if you fancy taking a look:
    He has been painting all over the world again this year and he has posted some wonderful images of his huge wall murals so you might like to take a look at some of his recent posts. Best wishes 🙂 (I will reply to your email now…)

    1. I’m a bit jealous that you got to see them live! I love those guys.

      I am also a big fan of Phlegm, so pairing him with The Caretaker is a double whammy. I’ll check his website tonight.

      Many thanks, Postie!

      1. Have you been able to get hold of a copy of Phlegms book? If you are interested he has noted that Rare and Racy are selling them on-line for him. I’d have paid double the price for the book. It is a real gem and beautifully put together. He has printed and embossed all the covers by hand! Don’t be tempted to pay ebay prices as people are still trying to profit by flipping them. They are readily available through a number of outlets in Sheffield so are in no way scarce at present. Best wishes, 😉

  2. I am already the proud owner of the book already, thanks to The Unsubscriber who got me a copy from The Old Sweet Shop in Nether Edge. I have seen the prices being asked on Ebay and think it is appalling. I also have a copy of his A to Z book – another hand printed beauty!

    1. The A-Z book came with two different covers. One was full colour screen print and the other I think was just black on white. He invests so much time and energy in creating his hand finished comics and books. He appears to work non stop! At one time the old sweet shop were selling screen printed postcards of individual letters from the book and I bought a few of friends initials which I framed up as presents!

      1. I got the colour cover! You’re right about the investment of time, but it’s great that so many people appreciate that fact. Books can be very impersonal, so knowing that the artist has been hands-on involved really makes them special. Glad you got some postcards too!

      2. I’ve just remembered! I think it was me that tipped off Lee about the Phlegm book being available at the old sweet shop. I remember he said he picked one up for someone else. Turns out that someone else was you. Feels like things have gone full circle 🙂

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